We offer a wide range of Russian language and culture general and specialised courses online and face-to-face including Russian for Beginners, Post-Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced levels, Russian language and culture for diplomats and children, for tourists and business people. All Russian Language and Culture courses are academically sound and provide a strong foundation for further personal and professional development. The learning is challenging, interactive, fun and productive.
The philosophy of our courses is that Russian is best learned when all skills, written and oral, are combined and taught on the basis of deep background knowledge of the Russian world. Our highly qualified and certified tutors are Russian native speakers who intimately understand the realities of Russian life and culture which essentially inform our Russian Language and Culture Courses.
These courses are designed to develop the basic language skills (speaking, listening, writing, and reading) necessary to communicate in Russian in most everyday situations and to maintain the level that you have already achieved. Creativity and dedication to our courses are encouraged by our methods of teaching. These include elements both of the traditional approach (grammar, phonetic, vocabulary exercises, video and audio material, texts) and the contemporary one (games, including modelled situations, crosswords, Russian poetry etc.).
We pride ourselves on our individual approach to you, our clients, based on your interests and prior knowledge. We are happy to discuss your requirements to devise the best Russian language and culture training solution for you. We are flexible enough to book your class at the time most convenient for you. Please contact us to learn more or check www.olgasuvorova.com for proposed courses.