Russian Keys

Course: Russian Language and Culture: Post-beginners

Starting 5 February 2015 8 weeks: Thu 6:00PM - 8:00PM
Victoria University of Wellington
Presenter: Olga Suvorova
Victoria Staff 20% Discount Fee $160.00 incl GST
Early Bird Discount available until 2 weeks prior to the course start date $180.00 incl GST
$200.00 incl GST

Overview: Russian is best learnt when both written and oral language skills are taught together within the context of the Russian way of life. Russian culture is, therefore, an essential part of this eight-week intermediate course designed to reinforce novice-level proficiency and to develop intermediate-level skills necessary for deepening communication in Russian. In addition to the sessions we shall also have some free cultural fieldtrips, master classes and Russian movie nights incl a Karori cemetery tour where I shall tell you many fascinating stories connected with Russia, making a Slavic traditional magic doll that brings luck and safety to the loved ones and your house, learning how to cook the Russian meal and make toasts and having a great time with a Guest of Honour…


Exhibition celebrating 70 years of the diplomatic relations between Russia and New Zealand

Kia ora! We invite all those of you who are in Moscow from November 1 through November 16 to the Exhibition celebrating 70 years of the diplomatic relations between Russia and New Zealand:

There will be some amazing documents, antique books, and other exciting items on the topic including some photos of my great friends Roman Matasov, Mark Gee, Tatsiana Chypsanova, Yana Gild and others. There also will be three of my (Olga Suvorova) pics too - although I am not a professional photographer New Zealand has opened up my creative facets… My company Russian Keys Ltd and the New Zealand – Russia Foundation are proud to assist with some arrangements. But that was Roman Matasov (Lomonosov Moscow State University) who has pulled together all the necessary links and that is a huge tribute to him! Also a big thank you to Stuart Prior, Honorary Consul of Belarus in New Zealand and other supporters! Kia kaha

Sex, chocolate… new language? Same pleasure for human brain, scientists say

Learning new words stimulates the same brain center as such long-proven means of deriving pleasure, as having sex, gambling or eating chocolate, a new study says.

A team of Spanish and German researchers at Barcelona's Bellvitge Biomedical Research Institute and Otto von Guericke University has found that successful learning of the meanings of new words activates a core reward center in the adult brain. They have recently published their findings in the Current Biology journal.

The ventral striatum is a part of the brain activated by actions that trigger positive emotions, should it be sugary food, sex or drugs. Traditionally, the process of learning of a new language was associated with a boost in the number of connections between neurons, but it wasn’t proven that emotions are also involved.


Русский язык и культура для детей (4-6 лет) / Russian language and culture for kids (4-6 yrs)

Начало в субботу, 15 ноября с 10:30 до 11:30 утра, Веллингтон, Seatoun (Karaka Bays) Преподаватель: Ольга Суворова, Стоимость: $50 за 5 недель. Для записи напишите Ольге на This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Starts NOV 15 2014, Saturday, 5 weeks, 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM Wellington, Seatoun (Karaka Bays) Presenter: Olga Suvorova Cost: $50.00 to Register please email Olga at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Описание: Данный курс разработан с любовью и энтузиазмом для детей 4-6 лет с минимальным или некоторым знанием русского языка и культуры. Курс направлен на помощь в развитии родного языка и культуры (или языка и культуры одного из родителей) и проводится с помощью занимательных игр и творческих упражнений. Курс разработан для детей из русскоговорящих и двуязычных (русский и английский) семей, а также для усыновлённых детей. Занятия ведутся в основном на русском языке, и только при необходимости предлагается объяснение на английском.
Overview: The course is designed with love and enthusiasm for children aged 4-6 with minimum or some knowledge of Russian language and culture. It will help to develop heritage language and culture skills and enjoy the beautiful Russian folklore through fun games and creative activities. The course is designed for children from Russian and Kiwi-Russian (mono- and bicultural/bilingual) families, also from adoptive families. The Course will be led mainly in Russian with some English instructions for kids if/where needed.
Цели курса:
К концу курса маленькие участники:
• приобретут некоторые основы русского языка и культуры для обогащения своего культурного наследия. Мы понимаем, как важно детям данного возраста общаться на языке своей культуры со сверстниками.
Learning objectives:

By the end of the course, our small participants will have:

• acquired some basic Russian language and culture knowledge in order to enrich their cultural identity. The course recognises the particular importance to pre-school kids of being able to communicate with their peers in Russian.


Short Course in Conversational Russian: Post-Beginners to Intermediate

Starts NOV 13 2014, 5 weeks, Thu 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM Wellington, Seatoun (Karaka Bays) Presenter: Olga Suvorova Cost: $120.00 to Register please email Olga at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Overview: Effective communication and self-expression are the focus of this five-week conversational beginner to intermediate level course which is designed to give you further language skills necessary for communicating in Russian, and the confidence to do so.
Learning objectives:
By the end of the course, participants will have:
• acquired confidence to speak (or speak again)
• learnt relevant vocabulary and the linguistic and cultural competence to handle situations such as:
o talking about themselves and their typical days and hobbies
o visiting restaurants and going shopping
o travelling around and discussing weather and nature
o talking on the phone and about recent technological progress
o discussing favourite books and movies
• gained further understanding of some Russian grammar necessary for conversational Russian
• familiarised with Russian folklore (tongue twisters, riddles, fairy tales, sayings etc)


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